Inductively fused-in coating for panels

Over the last years, development in the area of Laser-technology opened new production-technologies and -solutions for quite a numer of different application fields. In many cases traditional processes were replaced or displaced.

Lasertechnology can be used in the following areas as alternative to traditional production:


  • Additive-manufacturing, like foundry, injection molding, die cast, etc.      and

  • Laserbased-coating technology as alternative to existing methods to surface refinement


Häuser & Co uses the possibilities of Lasertechnology primarily to develop new coating systems to generate coating layers, designed to refine and protect the construction component under it's specific environmental stress.

Lasersprayed coatings extent the lifetime of the workpiece or component by their higher resistance against corrosive or abrasive attack and can also be designed to positively influence on hardness, heat-transfer properties, electrical conductivity, etc.

We can Laserspray different coating materials like for example...:


  • Nickel-base-alloys like „Inconel625“ to protect tubewall-elements or

  • Cobalt-base-alloys like „Stellite21“ to repair/renew valves, bearings, drive-shafts, rolls, etc.


The Laserspray-technology combines the advantages of Thermal Sprayed coatings with the positive properties of a traditionally welded layer.

Besides the metallurgical bond to the substrate, Lasersprayed coatings show very homogen and even structure, extremely low impurity (in comparision to traditional welding, where the mixing with elements from of the component/workpiece cause high level of impurities).

The Lasersprayed coating layers can therefor be applied with smaller thickness and still grant the same protection affect as a welded one. This allows as well a more pasimonious use of coating material combined with a lower total weight of a workpiece.

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