Häuser - enterprise with inventive genius.

Today, over 25 employees are building a solid base for the Häuser & Co GmbH in Duisburg. The company's founder and long-time managing director was Bodo Häuser. In second generation now, his son Hendrik Häuser works for the company since 2006 and took over the responsability of being Managing Director in 2014. This guarantees the long-term continuance of the Häuser & Co GmbH as a classic family-owned company.

The roots and the know-how reach further back in history than 1995, the year when the company was legally established. It started with Bodo Häuser's academic graduation in process engineering in the late seventies. His thesis' topic was 'The effect of different thermal expansion-coefficients when processing hard alloys by plasma-spaying'.

From 1978 to 1982 he worked at Lurgi AG in the department for chemical engineering. Afterwards he established the field of research and study for material science, focused on plasma spraying, at the university of Aachen. Five years later he went back to industrial working as the director of the department for thermal spraying at former Thyssen AG.

In 1995, at the age of fifty, Bodo Häuser dared the step to self-employeed and founded the Häuser & Co GmbH. His knowledge and experience from industry and research, good reputation, his invention created during his time at Thyssen - „ on-site plasma-spray coating of highly stressed components“ - helped him to build up this professional and successful company. The company is showing steady groth and development since it's foundation.

In the beginning the main focus was set on developing applications for the steel industry. Over the past years, new and innovative products and technologies for incinerators and power plants expanded our portfolio.

Since 2013 Häuser & Co GmbH is using „state-of-the-art“ Laser-Technology to create new products and applications to optimise and refine surfaces. Exemplary for our R+D is as well our Patent-registration for „ coating of membrane-walls with Ni-base alloys as alternative to the conventional weld-cladding“.

To our experience, organic growth without external investors and financing investments by own cash flow, has been a successful strategy for our company so far to be able to react and adapt quickly to rapidly changing markets like the energy- and power-plant industry. The management of Häuser & Co GmbH feels committed to this maxim, today as well as in the future.

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