Range of application of coatings by Häuser & Co GmbH

Application areas for Häuser-coatings

The main application-areas for our coatings are everywhere to find, where chlorine- or sulfur-induced, or high temperature corrosion processes and/or erosive attack reduces the lifetime of the components.

In particular in boiler systems of power plants and LD- and electric steel plants, the combination of corrosion and erosion leads to shorter lifetimes.

Our coatings protect the base-material and lead to considerably longer lifespan.

Also the high strain of (boiler-) components in the steel- and chemical industry require the application of our metallic or ceramic coatings in order to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

The heat exchanger surfaces in many power- and waste-incineration plants often represent a critical area in respect to their lifetime. The still very hot flue gas in combination with the dust-freights lead to high emaciation-rates of the base-material /tubes/tubewalls). An exchange of these parts usually is very costly and time-consuming.

In the superheater area, our HS52 and HS52/HS4 - especially developed for the use in the superheater area by Häuser & Co GmbH - is applied as workshop-coating onto new pipes and undergoes a subsequent heat treatment to achieve metallic bond to substrate, increased stability as well against erosion and a totally gas-tight coating-layer for high corrosion-protection.

Sootblower pipes and steam lances undergo very similar strain and are therefor as well treated with our coatings in many cases.

Frequent need to replace these parts can be avoided by using our long-term proven Plasma-, Laser- and Lightarc-coatings.


Our possibilities include work-shop application of tubes and tubewalls before mounting as well as on-site-coating at customers place. For both options, Fa. Häuser can offer the adequate coating materials and methods to adapt the solutions to customer's maintanance-concept.

We offer to repair and restore as well worn-out bearings, rolls, valves, mountings and fittings. As well for many maritim applications.

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