Range of application of coatings by Häuser & Co GmbH

The main ranges of application of our coatings are everywhere to find where chlorine- or sulfur-induced high temperature corrosion processes and erosive attacks reduce the lifetime of components. In particular in boiler systems of power plants and LD- and electric steel plants, a combination of the two kinds of stressing, corrosion and erosion, lead to increasingly shortening continuous operating periods. But also the high loads of (boiler-) components in the steel and chemicals industry require the application of our coatings in order to protect against corrosion and abrasion.

The heat exchanger faces above the bricking-up in first and second boiler flue often represent a critical area with respect to their lifetime in many power plants and waste incineration plants. Many a time, the in this area still very hot flue gas in combination with the dust carried by it lead to high emaciation rates on the basic material and therewith to a considerable decrease of the plant availability. An exchange of these faces usually is very cost-intensive and time-consuming. Such a replacement can be avoided in terms of a “concept of eternity” by the application of a longtime approved plasma coating especially developed for this case of use – be it by the mounting of panels coated factory-providedly beforehand or by the coating in situ on the already mounted tube-fin-tube-walls. For both options, the Häuser & Co GmbH offers suitable coatings and technologies in order to achieve, in collaboration with the plant operator, a concept of maintenance without any replacement of the heat exchanger walls.   

In the superheater area, this “concept of eternity” cannot be pursued due to the lacking accessibility in the boiler. The material-alloy HS52, especially developed for the use in the superheater area by Häuser & Co GmbH, is applied factor-provided on new pipes and undergoes a subsequent heat treatment, in order to achieve an even higher stability against erosion and a totally gas-tight surface.

Sootblower pipes and steam lances undergo (coating-related) a very similar load to superheater components and are hence also covered with our well-proven alloy HS52.


Another key aspect of our activites is formed by the coating for components of the steel, chemicals, flat-glass and printing industry. Cakings on blowing lances, as they arise due to contact to the fluid melt, are minimized by ceramic coatings which reduce thereby the costs for the storing of spare parts and raise simultaneously the plant availability.

Ceramic coatings in the flat-glass industry, e.g. on rolls in the coolant passage, also conduce to te reduction of cakings of the melt and are applied successfully for many years.

Color adherences pose a problem in the printing industry which can also be solved by anti-stick coatings. In the past 3 years, the Häuser & Co GmbH developed, in collaboration with the responsible maintenance engineers of printing plants and printing unit manufacturers, a coating, which avoids the adherence of remnants of paint and allows considerable bigger cleaning intervals. Due to its longtime experience in area of the printing industry, we collaborate since 2009 with the 4C Coloured Business Solutions B.V. concerning the coating of press cylinders.