Häuser - enterprise with inventive genius.

Today 28 permanent employees constitute the solid foundation of Häuser & Co GmbH in Duisburg.

Bodo Häuser - founder and long term manager of the company till 2015 - overtook the responsibility to his son Hendrik who has also been active in the company since 2006. The continuity of company as a family-owned business is saved for the next decades.

During the 1990s the company mainly carried out coating jobs for the steel industry, e.g. on-site coatings on the evaporator tubewalls of the waste-heat boilers to prevent from chlorine-induced high-temperature corrosion and abrasion. Later on the invention and development has also been used to coat and protect tube panels and superheater tubes at waste-to-energy ("wte") plants and biomass-fired plants. Since 2013 company Häuser also offers a new-developed laser-sprayed coating with material Inconel 625 for tube panels and other parts like sootblowers, collectors etc.

Our experience from the last 20 years shows that organic growth without external partnern and shareholders can be a sucessful way to a sustainable development of a small company within a rapidly changing business environment.